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Analogue and Digital Mixing Consoles and AoIP Routers.

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Audioarts Air-1

A True broadcast console in a tiny package

Audioarts Air-4

12 fader analogue mixer

Audioarts HS-1 Headphone Station

Stand alone headphone amp

Audioarts Lightning

Analogue Radio Mixer with USB & Bluetooth

Audioarts TS-1 Talent Station

Counter top headphone amp with logic switches

Wheastone Network Edge Blade

Network Edge STL link

WheatNet IP Audio Driver Blade-3

WheatNet PC AoIP driver

WheatNet IP Blade 3 Overview

BLADE-3s Network Audio with a Difference

Wheatstone Audioarts DMX

8 or 16 Fader digital AoIP Broadcast mixer

Wheatstone Aura8-IP-3

8 Channel Audio Processing Blade

Wheatstone Console Audio Blade-3s

Console audio mix engine

Wheatstone Glass LXE

Multi-touch virtual console

Wheatstone HD-SDI Blade

HD-SDI de-embedding Blade

Wheatstone IP-12 & IP-16

Powerfully Simple Broadcast Mixer

Wheatstone L-8 & L-12

8 Fader or 12 Fader Digital IP console

Wheatstone Logic Blade

48 Port Logic I/O Blade

Wheatstone LXE

A modular control surface that’s completely customisable

Wheatstone M-1 Digital Mic Processor

Flexible digital mic processor

Wheatstone M-2 Mic processor

Dual channel digital voice processor

Wheatstone M-4IP USB

Four channel digital mic processor Blade

Wheatstone MADI Blade

64 Channel MADI Blade

Wheatstone StageBox One

WheatNet StageBox

Wheatstone VoxPro 7.1

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