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Analogue and Digital Mixing Consoles and AoIP Routers.

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Audioarts Air-1

A True broadcast console in a tiny package

Audioarts Air-4

12 fader analogue mixer

Audioarts HS-1 Headphone Station

Stand alone headphone amp

Audioarts Lightning

Analogue Radio Mixer with USB & Bluetooth

Audioarts TS-1 Talent Station

Counter top headphone amp with logic switches

Wheastone Network Edge Blade

Network Edge STL link

WheatNet IP Audio Driver Blade-3

WheatNet PC AoIP driver

WheatNet IP Blade 3 Overview

BLADE-3s Network Audio with a Difference

Wheatstone Audioarts DMX

8 or 16 Fader digital AoIP Broadcast mixer

Wheatstone Aura8-IP-3

8 Channel Audio Processing Blade

Wheatstone Console Audio Blade-3s

Console audio mix engine

Wheatstone Glass LXE

Multi-touch virtual console

Wheatstone HD-SDI Blade

HD-SDI de-embedding Blade

Wheatstone IP-12 & IP-16

Powerfully Simple Broadcast Mixer

Wheatstone L-8 & L-12

8 Fader or 12 Fader Digital IP console

Wheatstone Logic Blade

48 Port Logic I/O Blade

Wheatstone LXE

A modular control surface that’s completely customisable

Wheatstone M-1 Digital Mic Processor

Flexible digital mic processor

Wheatstone M-2 Mic processor

Dual channel digital voice processor

Wheatstone M-4IP USB

Four channel digital mic processor Blade

Wheatstone MADI Blade

64 Channel MADI Blade

Wheatstone Quickline Furniture

Studio furniture delivers Wheatstone ergonomics and comfort in modular format

Wheatstone StageBox One

WheatNet StageBox

Wheatstone VoxPro 7.1

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