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Wheatstone Logic Blade

Brand: Wheatstone

Wheatstone’s LIO-48 is a high-density logic BLADE for the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network that can handle the logic I/O needs of today’s busy studios and rack rooms.

The LIO-48 provides 48 universal logic I/O ports, each individually configurable as either input or output. You can use these to accept contact closures from devices in your facility to trigger events on the network (from an EAS receiver, for example), or use them to provide control outputs to devices such as satellite receivers, warning lights, or playback devices.

The LIO-48 has front panel indicators that visually present the status of all 48 ports, making verification of the proper configuration simple.


  • 48 universal logic ports, individually configurable
  • Front panel LED status indicators
  • Gigabit Ethernet port

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