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Wheatstone Audioarts DMX

Audioarts joins the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, allowing it to access BLADEs, consoles, software, appliances, processing, and the full complement of Wheatstone (and partners) equipment network-wide. Utilizing WheatNet-IP, the DMX can become a part of an existing WheatNet-IP AoIP network. Or you can use it as the starting point for one.

Unique to DMX is its built-in networking (5-port switch) that lets you create a smaller local network, adding I/O and another console without needing an external switch. This gives you the speed and flexibility to have a complete, self-contained setup and the ability to add-on without the need for an external switch. It’s an ideal setup for a two- or three-studio facility where each studio can act independently as a separate standalone entity, but the studios are linked together through an IP network. To accommodate this, DMX provides 1Gb connectivity via its built-in five-port switch for robust routing of sources and destinations between studios and integrates easily into most existing radio automaton systems.

Need more? Simply take advantace of all the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network has to offer.

The DMX control surface is a fully integrated standalone console for on-air and production applications. It is available in an 8-fader (DMX-8) or 16-fader (DMX-16) frame with four program busses and bus-minus on every fader as well as convenient multi-function knob on each channel for adjusting pan, mode, dynamics, and input sources. The console has talkback and cue functions, EQ/dynamics, and control room, studio and headphone monitors, plus LED metering, built-in timer, and four-event recall.

Audioarts Mix Engine

Audioarts Mix Engine uses RJ45 connectors for all audio (StudioHub+ format), logic (WheatNet-IP-format), and network connections, except for the 2 mic preamp inputs (XLR).

With two sizes of control surface (8- or 16-channel) available, DMX puts a lot of radio control into a very small footprint – everything you need to take it to the air.

Connections include Mic Preamps Out; 4 stereo/dual mono analog inputs; 4 stereo/dual mono digital inputs; four stereo Program outputs (both analog and digital); 4 stereo analog Monitor outputs (Control Room, Studio, Cue, and operator headphones); 6-port logic GPIO; Engine Ethernet port; 5-Port Ethernet switch to network the Surface, Engine, and three additional devices.

Extending DMX with Razors

DMX utilizes WheatNet-IP to access, control, and process any and all audio sources on the network. Each of the Razor I/O Interfaces pictured above provides you with 8 analogue, digital, or analogue/digital inputs and outputs, as well as logic and Ethernet connections on RJ45 connectors. Additionally, the Analogue Razor gives you a pair of mic preamps, complete with phantom power and processing presets.

WheatNet-IP Extends DMX’s Power

DMX can also tap the full power of the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, allowing you to utilize BLADE interfaces, to access, control, and process any and all audio sources on the network, utilizing the award-winning tools built into every BLADE. Through AES67, DMX is compatible with similarly equipped third party gear, providing functionality for your facility that is unequalled. Additionally, all software, such as ScreenBuilder, IP Meters, WheatNet-IP Driver, Navigator, and more are at your disposal to create workflows that can address your exact needs.