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Telephone Hybrids, VoIP Talk Show Systems, DAB/DAB+ and Audio Codecs 

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Magic ACX Dante WAN Bridge

Multi-Channel PCM audio WAN Bridge

Magic AE1 DAB+ Go Audio Encoder

DSP-based hardware audio encoder

Magic AE4 DAB/DAB+ Audio Encoder

DAB/DAB+ hardware encoder 

Magic DABMUX Go RF Ensemble Multiplexer

Small form factor DSP-based Ensemble Multiplexer

Magic EEC ETI/EDI Converter

The MAGIC EEC allows the conversion from ETI to EDI and EDI to ETI

Magic SDC ETI/EDI Switch & Converter

The MAGIC SDC enables trouble-free switching of a redundant DAB multiplexer system

Magic TBR Tunnel Break-In Rebroadcast System

Tunnel Break-in Rebroadcast System

Magic TH1Go Telephone Hybrid

Single Hybrid with analogue audio interfaces

Magic TH2plus telephone hybrid

Dual hybrid with 3 operating modes

Magic THipPro

Flexible Talkshow system with up 16 lines