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Magic AE4 DAB/DAB+ Audio Encoder

Brand: AVT

The MAGIC AE4 DAB/DAB+ Encoder offers in the standard version one DAB/DAB+ hardware encoder and can be optionally upgraded with three further encoders. Each of the four channels are independent and can be configured independently as a DAB or DAB+ encoder. The system is realized in a compact, fanless and DSP-based design. The audio programs can be supplied via the four digital AES/EBU stereo interfaces. An analogue stereo interface is also available.

The PAD is usually fed in via the Ensemble Multiplexer, which scans the PAD via the return path of the transmission protocol on the encoder. All PAD services supported by the multiplexer can be used.

In addition to PAD, service information such as the Program Type (PTy) and Traffic Announcement (TA) can also be transmitted via UECP for each program. The triggering of a traffic announcement can be easily implemented via a TTL contact.

As transmission protocols with reconfiguration capability and PAD insertion, the system supports the proprietary standards AVTMUX, FhG MuxEnc, AVTVDL and ODR DabMux.

The EDI (ETI) standard also allows the system to be connected to almost any Ensemble Multiplexer from other manufacturers. In this case, however, reconfiguration and PAD feeding from the multiplexer is not possible, since EDI cannot transfer control information.


  • DSP based Quad Hardware Encoder
  • MPEG4 HE-AAC v2 (ETSI TS 102 563)
  • ISO/MPEG 1/2 Layer 2 (ETSI TS 103 466)
  • Audio via IP to Ensemble Multiplexer
  • AVTMUX with Secure Streaming
  • Monitoring Decoder

Dante & LAN 3/4 Module

With the LAN 3/4 module, the system can be expanded by two additional LAN interfaces, so that a total of four LAN interfaces are available.

Another feature for MAGIC AE4 is the Dante/AES67 interface card, which allows the system to route 32 audio channels over IP using the Dante protocol, which is also compatible with the AES67 standard.


The AES67 software upgrade* allows the use of additional audio channels over IP via AES67. AES67 is the lowest common denominator of several similar technologies and ensures communication between e.g. AES67 compatible Dante and Ravenna devices.

* soon available

EDI(ETI) + FhG MuxEnc Upgrade
To use the encoders with non-AVT multiplexers, the EDI upgrade is required. The MuxEnc protocol is also required to connect FhG multiplexers.