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Magic AE1 DAB+ Go Audio Encoder

Brand: AVT

The high quality and professional DSP-based hardware audio encoder MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Go is realized as a fanless ½ x 19‘‘ device. Both analogue and digital audio interfaces are available for the input of the audio signal. The supplied Windows software allows the configuration of up to 40 systems.

In addition to the usual PAD feed via the multiplexer - which supports all standardized services - the PAD services Dynamic Label via FTP or UECP and Slideshow via FTP can also be fed in locally on the device. In addition, a traffic announcement (TA) can be triggered very easily via UECP or a GPI contact. Finally, the Audio Encoder allows direct transmission of the program type (PTy) like Rock, Pop etc. via UECP.

The transmission is monitored via the supplied Windows PC software or SNMP. Alternatively, an alarm can also be output via a GPO contact.


  • DSP based Hardware Encoder
  • MPEG4 HE-AAC v2 (ETSI TS 102 563)
  • Audio via IP to Ensemble Multiplexer
  • AVTMUX with Secure Streaming

AES67 Upgrade
The AES67 software upgrade* allows the use of additional audio channels over IP via AES67. AES67 is the lowest common denominator of several similar technologies and ensures communication between e.g. AES67 compatible Dante and Ravenna devices.

* soon available

EDI(ETI) + FhG MuxEnc Upgrade
To use the encoders with non-AVT multiplexers, the EDI upgrade is required. The MuxEnc protocol is also required to connect FhG multiplexers.

Dual 19" Mounting Kit
A 19" Dual Mounting Kit is available for the MAGIC AE1 DAB+ Go Audio Encoder, allowing two devices to be mounted side by side in a 19" rack. The standard scope of delivery of the above devices already includes mounting brackets for mounting one device in a 19" rack.