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Magic THipPro

The MAGIC THipPro is the most flexible and functional Talkshow System in our portfolio. The 8 lines system is available for POTS, ISDN or VoIP lines, the 16 lines system is available for ISDN or VoIP lines. A special feature of the MAGIC THipPro is the so-called Mixed Mode in which the system can be operated with POTS or ISDN lines and simultaneously with VoIP lines.

MAGIC THipPro provides two analogue and eight digital Audio inputs and outputs plus two handset/headset interfaces. The Audio interfaces can be assigned freely to the up to 20 installed workplaces and 6 studios.


MAGIC THipPro can be connected to an MS SQL database Server. Different studios can use the same or individual databases for call screening. Of course, a blacklist function is also available. All features such as e.g. Auto Answer, call forwarding, Voice Disguise, Night Service and caller preselection are supported. As a special feature the answering machine functionality has been implemented – callers can be accepted automatically in HOLD, hear a pre-recorded message and are dropped afterwards, alternatively callers can also be recorded.


  • Digital Echo Canceller, AGC and Expander for each caller line
  • Conference function with N-1 generation
  • PRETALK with multiple Screening-functions
  • Up to twenty MAGIC THipPro LAN and Screener Software workplaces
  • MAGIC THipPro Admin Upgrade to share the resources between up to six studios
  • Support of Ember+ and DHD SetLogic IDs
  • Dante/AES67 upgrade for additional audio lines
  • Integration of high-quality audio transmission

MAGIC THipPro LAN Software
The first software version is the MAGIC THipPro LAN software which is available as single-user licence. The software shows all caller lines in vertical order with status buttons (PRETALK, HOLD, ON AIR, DROP and if configured call forwarding) and level meter. Each line has an Info button which displays the caller‘s name and number or location depending on which information is available. Below, the caller‘s sex, age and mood can be displayed. It is also shown when the caller has been ON AIR the last time. In the information field below, text entries can be made to enter some more details about the caller. This information is also saved in the database and displayed at the next call from that phone number. The Last Calls list can be shown or hidden according to the programme‘s requirements. Via the Phone Book button, calls can be established easily in the desired status. Manual dialling is also possible, of course. Quick Dial Key can be programmed for the most important contacts.

MAGIC THipPro Screener Software
The MAGIC THipPro Screener Software comes as a single-user licence. It shows the caller lines in horizontal order and offers in addition to the "normal“ operation some special functions for call screening. The user interface provides a detailed caller entry mask which can also be adapted individually to different programmes. The operator can prepare Noted Callers and Call Back Lists which can e.g. be send as preselection to the presenter‘s workplace. The presenter simply has to press a button to establish the connection. It is also possible for the Screener to note down callers‘ questions which are then displayed for the Presenter. For each caller, a history is created which shows the past entries and calls. Information about prizes can be entered as well as more detailed caller information such as e.g. his/her birthday and address. A special column can be displayed or hidden. In this column, the user can switch between Last Calls list, Caller‘s History, Blocked Callers list, Noted Callers and Call Back list.

Besides, MAGIC THipPro Screener can also be opened in the Presenter Mode which is a simplified view for the talkshow host without data entry mask. Further modes are the Data Manager Mode and the Presenter ON AIR Mode showing only callers who are ON AIR together with the most important information which suitable for e.g. TV call-in shows.

News Desk Client Upgrade
The MAGIC THipPro News Desk Client Software is more or less a simplified MAGIC THipPro LAN Software without the possibility to configure the system and without the ON AIR status button. However, with this software a Pretalk Streaming licence is included which allows the operator to record the caller and presenter as WAV file in Pretalk status. Therefore, this software is perfect for e.g. small recording booths. The caller lines assigned to the News Desk "studio“ are available as pool to all News Desk Client workplaces.

MAGIC THipPro Admin Upgrade
With the single-studio licences MAGIC THipPro Admin it is possible to split or share the MAGIC THipPro between six studios. In each studio, only the allocated caller lines are displayed. For each studio you can define individual Audio lines. There are no restrictions how many workplaces are installed for each studio, in maximum 20 LAN or Screener PC Clients are allowed or alternatively 30 News Desk Clients.

Dante/AES67 & LAN 3/4 Modul
With the Dante/AES67 interface card for MAGIC THipPro VoIP devices, 32 audio inputs/outputs can be routed over IP to Dante or AES67 compatible mixers. This feature is only available for VoIP devices.

In addition to this hardware solution, an AES67 software upgrade is also available for all MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrids. The upgrade allows the use of eight additional audio channels over IP via AES67. AES67 is the lowest common denominator of several similar technologies and ensures communication between e.g. AES67 compatible Dante and Ravenna devices.

With the LAN 3/4 module, the system can also be extended by two additional LAN interfaces, so that a total of four LAN interfaces are available.

Pretalk Streaming
MAGIC THipPro also supports the Pretalk Streaming function. With this upgrade, the LAN connection between the hybrid and the control PC can be used for Pretalks, so no additional audio cables have to be routed. The conversation with the caller takes place via the PC sound card or a USB headset or handset. Pretalk Streaming also allows the caller and presenter signals to be recorded as a WAV file. A total of up to ten Pretalk Streaming licenses can be activated, these can be assigned to a workstation or defined as dynamic licenses.

DTMF Analyzer Plug-In
A practical tool for game shows or sports events is the DTMF Analyzer Upgrade. There are three operating modes to choose from: Standard, Gameshow and Event.

In standard mode, only the numbers pressed by callers on their phone are displayed.

In the game show mode, the first caller who pressed the button is additionally highlighted.

In event mode, the DTMF Analyzer can be used for sports reports, for example. We imagine there are several reporters in different stages and all of them are connected to the MAGIC TH6 via telephone. One of the reporters is switched to ON AIR while the others are in HOLD status. If it comes to an important event such as a gate, the reporter in HOLD mode also wants to signal this to the moderator. For this, DTMF event labels can be defined in advance in the software, e.g. the telephone key "0" is assigned the term "gate" and the key "1" means "red card", etc. If a reporter now presses the "0" key, the information "Tor" appears in green letters on the moderator's screen. The moderator can now immediately switch the reporter of the relevant game to ON AIR.

MAGIC THipPro ACconnect
Exclusively available for the MAGIC THipPro system is the MAGIC THipPro ACconnect Upgrade. This allows you to integrate a MAGIC ACip3 hardware Audio Codec into the user interface of the Telephone Hybrid. The Codec lines are shown as additional “caller lines” on the screen and provide high quality Audio over IP connections.

VoIP & HD Voice
MAGIC THipPro ISDN and MAGIC THipPro POTS can both be extended to a VoIP Telephone Hybrid to use the system in mixed mode or exclusively for Voice over IP.

For all MAGIC THipPro systems with VoIP functionality, the HD Voice feature can optionally be activated, enabling connections in excellent 7-kHz (G.722) quality. If the system also has ISDN interfaces, G.722 is also supported for ISDN calls.

Social Media Upgrade
A special feature which is only available for the MAGIC THipPro is the Social Media Upgrade. With this option you can display your Twitter account and soon also your Facebook account in the Telephone Hybrid’s user interface (MAGIC THipPro Screener or LAN Software). Most important functions that you know from Twitter are supported and interesting tweets can e.g. be marked by the Screener for the Presenter. The Social Media Upgrade requires a MAGIC THipPro Screener licence since one MAGIC THipPro Screener Client is used as Social Media Server. This Social Media Server PC must also be connected to the Internet.