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Magic TH1Go Telephone Hybrid

MAGIC TH1Go is available in two system versions – as MAGIC TH1ipGo which can be operated via the LAN interface as one channel VoIP hybrid or as MAGIC TH1potsGo which provides one POTS interface and can be operated with analogue telephone lines.

As a special feature, MAGIC TH1ipGo provides outstanding HD Voice (G.722) quality in addition to the standard 3.1-kHz telephone quality. Conversations from and to telephones which are HD Voice compatible can be established in 7-kHz quality – which means with twice the Audio bandwidth and with a much higher speech intelligibility.

New operating concept

In addition to the front panel operation the system can be controlled especially comfortably via an HTML5 compatible web browser.
Alternatively or in parallel a POTS telephone can be connected to the MAGIC TH1Go Hybrids. With this telephone the complete system operation is possible. In contrast to other solutions the telephone is not disconnected by a relay from the hybrid after talking to the caller but allows full control in each line status.


  • Single-Hybrid with analogue Audio interfaces
  • Digital Echocanceller, Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Expander
  • Pretalk via analogue telephone or second audio interface
  • Recording of a HOLD signal or external signal as HOLD signal
  • Voice Disguise to protect the identity of the caller
  • Control via analogue telephone or web browser

Magic TH1GO Telephone

An analogue telephone can be connected to the MAGIC TH1Go Telephone Hybrid for control purposes. Incoming calls can be answered in Pretalk to have a conversation first with the caller. The caller can then be switched to ON AIR or HOLD using the phone's short dial keys. If desired, the caller can then also be put back on Pretalk - again with the help of a single button on the phone. Of course it is also possible to dial via the telephone and establish an outgoing call. In addition, AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and the Voice Disguise function can be switched on or off. The caller line can also be locked or unlocked.

MAGIC TH1Go is also available together with the analogue telephone as a cost-effective bundle.

VoIP Extension + HD Voice

The MAGIC TH1potsGo can be upgraded to a VoIP Telephone Hybrid by software upgrade. The extension available in the combination package also includes HD Voice (G.722). In this way, calls from HD Voice compatible phones can be received in 7 kHz quality. Of course, outgoing calls are also transmitted in 7 kHz quality if the receiving system is G.722 capable.

Magic TH1 19" Dual Mounting Kit

A 19" Dual Mounting Kit is available for the MAGIC TH1Go Telephone Hybrid, with which two devices can be mounted side by side in a 19" rack. The standard scope of delivery of the above-mentioned devices already includes mounting brackets for mounting one device in a 19" rack.

GSM Adapter

MAGIC TH1pots Go can be extended with a GSM adapter. This allows the device to be operated even where no outside line is available. The transmission takes place in 3.1 kHz telephone quality. The Quad-Band GSM-Adapter is designed for 850/900/1800/1900 MHz networks.

The adapter is connected to the device via the analogue Audio interface. The PIN code for activating the GSM interface must then be entered. After the network synchronization is displayed, incoming calls are signalled to the device and the systems can set up a call.