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RAmi Audio WDO202

WDO202 has been specifically designed to monitor audio equipment such as ADSL modems and IP Codecs.

The WDO202 monitors left/right audio signals for two different sets of audio inputs. If silence is detected and fits the configured parameters the mains power output for that audio equipment is powered off and on again, this will then reset the audio codec or ADSL modem.

The WDO202 is configured via a web browser and can also provide a GPO outputs to indicate an alarm state of silence for each audio input.

It is also possible to monitor MPX and 19khz level after audio processing.

Installing two WDO202 in a one unit rack, allows monitoring of four stereo signals, thus four different audio codecs or ADSL circuits.

FRT100: Front panel adapter for fitting one “SLIMRACK.”
FRT200: Rack 19" 1U front panel adapter for 2 “SLIMRACK” units.
FRT300: Cover plate for FRT200.