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RAmi Audio Digital & Analogue Silence Detector

The RAmi AUdio CSS404 is design for continuous monitoring of mono or stereo analogue or digital audio signals. In the event the main audio source fails the CSS404 automatic switches to a backup source be it analogue or digital, and automatic returns to the main source when the fault is cleared.

The CSS404 can be configured with the main input as analogue or digital, as well as backup source, separately from main input. As well as switching the output audio, the CSS404 switches a RS232 main/backup to insure continuity of data such as RDS.

Should power be lost the CSS404 will revert into bypass mode, with the digital input looped to the digital output, and the analogue input looped to the analogue output according to the main/backup config in use before the supply loss. Once power is restored the CSS404 will recall the last used configuration.

The monitor section, allows input/output check using an headphones and bargraph. A green (normal)/red (backup) indicator on the front panel shows the equipments current state, and the user can manually switch the unit to the desired output signal.

  • Digital AES/EBU input /output with transformers.
  • Digital input sample rate up to 96KHz, no transfer delay.
  • Dual Power supplies
  • Built in web server for control and status
  • No alteration of associated data (index, text...)
  • Digital carrier monitoring for quality and audio, adjustable from -60dBFs to 0 dBFs, and from -45dBu to +15dBu for analogue audio. On audio loss the CSS404 goes in to alarm following configured delay.
  • Analogue balanced audio input/output.
  • Four audio monitoring modes Left, right, Left + right, left and right.
  • Full management of the unit uses the embedded web server, including record of the last twenty events, in real time, and the state of the switch. A front panel switch recall the factory IP address and a USB port is used for firmware update.
  • The remote monitoring of the equipment can be carried out through the SNMP agent. Supporting sending traps in V2c or V2c Inform format.
  • Synchronization of the internal clock by SNTP.
  • Two relays report power supply loss, a third one for alarm and switch to backup.
  • Option SD, The Additional input audio backup via SD card. This allows a second possible continuity program if the emergency chain is also lost.