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Yellowtec M!ka mounts

m!ka Poles allow for additional flexibility.

When it comes to mounting m!ka Monitor Arms or Accessories, m!ka Poles serve as a backbone. The poles are available in two versions: Either fix them to walls (Wall Mount Poles) or choose a 360° version (System Poles). According to your needs, we offer multiple options to mount poles to your desk, wall or ceiling to position your m!ka equipment wherever you wish.

m!ka Pole Support. Your partner for the ideal m!ka System Pole mounting.

m!ka System Pole Support offers you a choice of multiple ways to mount your m!ka System Poles. Choose between different options to mount them to your desk or ceiling.

Spec Check: m!ka Bushing with Pole Sting

  • Plug-in mount for m!ka System Poles
  • Only to be used in combination with a m!ka Pole Sting to fix m!ka System Poles
  • To be used to table-mount m!ka
  • For maximum carrying capacity
  • Recommended for furniture integration, especially for standby mounting points
  • Bushings mounted in different places allow for quick relocation of m!ka Poles
  • To fix it, drill a hole with ø22mm
  • Suitable panel thickness: up to 45mm
  • Sturdy construction
  • Made of elegant stainless steel
  • Without the use of a m!ka Pole Sting it also directly holds m!ka Mic Arms / m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms / m!ka Studiolight

Spec Check: m!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit

  • For permanent mounting of m!ka System Poles to desks
  • Suitable panel thickness: max. 50mm
  • Large washers to secure durable fit
  • Anodized dual color (aluminum/black) aluminum washers
  • Choose the top washer according to your m!ka Pole's color
  • Comes with two Cable Clamps and one Yellow Spacer
  • Includes screw to fit Pole nut

Spec Check: m!ka System Pole Ceiling Mounting Kit

  • To permanently mount m!ka System Poles to ceilings
  • ø 14,5cm
  • Arrange the m!ka System Pole in the center of the Ceiling Mount with the help of a screw and nut
  • Fix the Ceiling Mount to your ceiling by using four screws
  • CAUTION: Make sure that your ceiling and fasteners are suitable to hold the load

Spec Check: m!ka Pole Safety Stop

  • To be used for safety reasons
  • Prevents your gear from crashing down a m!ka Pole
  • Especially recommended when you loosen lock screws to adjust your gear's position
  • To be inserted inside the m!ka Pole's flute below your affixed m!ka equipment
  • Allen key included