Excellence in Broadcast

Logitek Helix

You do virtually everything on your smartphone because it’s convenient and intuitive. It’s time for your audio console to behave like your smartphone.

Helix is the modern new audio console from Logitek. Tap or swipe on Helix’s brilliant touchscreens to change sources, make bus assignments, or add EQ and dynamics to sweeten the mix. When your eyes need to be elsewhere while on the air, motorized faders make it easy to mix audio eyes-free.

It’s a radically different approach to audio consoles.

Audio over IP is made easy with the Helix Radio console. EQ and dynamics are a tap away on the touchscreen at every fader. Any source can be routed to any fader with just a swipe.

Dedicated profanity delay controls are built into the monitor module to control the delay that’s built into every Logtek JetStream. 

  • 7″ touchscreens integrated into each module
  • 6 to 24 motorized faders (in increments of 6)
  • Monitor module with control room, headphone, guest/studio, and cue controls
  • Integrated profanity delay controls for delay line built into the JetStream audio router
  • 1 stereo program bus, 8 stereo aux buses
  • EQ, dynamics controls available at every fader
  • 24 mix minus buses
  • Interfaces to popular automation systems via AoIP