Excellence in Broadcast

Audio Distribution

ASM-3 Active Splitter Module

Audio Splitter Module

Census Digital NLX-15

1x4 Reclocking AES amplifier

Census Digital NLX-19

1x8/2x4 Analogue Distribution amplifier

Census Digital NLX-25

MADI to 8 Channel analogue audio converter

Census Digital NLX-26

Wordclock distribution amplifier

MF-30 Mainframe

Audio distribution system

MPV-103/MPV-123 10/12 Channel Splitter

Multi-channel audio splitters

MPV-33 Single Channel Mic Splitter

Single Channel Microphone Splitter

MPV-43 4 Channel Mic Splitter

4 Channel Microphone Splitter

Wheatstone StageBox One

WheatNet StageBox

Wheatstone SwitchBlade AoIP Appliance

SwitchBlade combines the power of AoIP control with SIP connectivity