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RAmi Audio PRT666D

The Rami Audio PRT666D is a multifunction microphone station with Dante connectivity. It has been designed to solve numerous mobile and permanent installation issues.

The PRT666D has a low noise microphone preamp with 12 or 48 volt phantom power. There is an ON/OFF switch for setting the On-Air status with GPO outputs for external connections. The On-Air state can also be set externally via a GPI input. There are also 2 Talkback buttons also with GPO tally’s for externa equipment.

The Dante connection provides the main and redundant audio network connections as well as power via POE. The PRT666D can also be powered via an external 12 volt dc power connection.

Nearly 200 manufacturers use this DANTE system in their equipment. The multiple channels are combined by multiplexing before transmission. The audio is uncompressed, the latency is low and can be set by the user. A PC is required to configure the network using the DANTE Controller software. After configuration, the computer can be unplugged.

  • Microphone preamp with very low noise and adjustable sensitivity. 12 Volt or 48 Volt phantom power.
  • Aux audio input.
  • ON / OFF switch for setting ON AIR state with a GPO confirmation.
  • External switching for ON / AIR state by GPI.
  • Two switches Talkback 1 and 2 with a confirmation with GPO.