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Leading audio codec manufacturer Tieline has announced the official release of the Cloud Codec Controller software tool. The Controller is designed to manage an entire fleet of Tieline codecs remotely, and allows engineers to configure, connect and monitor all remote codecs from the studio.

“Remote control is a powerful tool for broadcasters and Tieline’s Cloud Codec Controller delivers a simple user interface to control all functions of a remote codec from the studio, at home, or anywhere they have an internet connection,” said Charlie Gawley, Tieline’s VP Sales APAC & EMEA.

“The Cloud Codec Controller integrates Tieserver and the latest cloud computing technologies to deliver secure real-time monitoring and remote control of all your ViA, Merlin,

 Genie and Bridge-IT codecs, as well as smartphones using Report-IT Enterprise.”

Tieline offers two versions of licensing for the Cloud Codec Controller:

A Private Network License allows monitoring and management of an unlimited number of codecs over a private network for a low one-time fee.

A Public Internet License allows monitoring and management of codecs over the public internet using Codec Client Licenses available as an annual subscription in packs of 10. This license also includes the features of a Private Network License.

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Preco (Broadcast Systems) Ltd was formed in 1983, primarily supplying and servicing professional reel to reel tape machines to broadcasters in the UK. As the main business was building and supplying recorders, Preco's name originated from Professional Recording Equipment Company. Preco's customers include all the major organisations in broadcasting. The various departments within the BBC - General News Service, Radio & TV Outside Broadcasts, Resources, Consulting & Projects, Technology, World Service, London Control Room, etc. The major radio groups - Global Radio, Bauer, Radio, UKRD, to name a few, with a large number of other commercial radio stations. The News Networks like ITN, satellite channels such as BskyB, and a whole host of other Broadcasters, from small independents that are often one man bands to event organisations. Preco also supply police, security companies, teleconferencing, intercom systems and sports organisations. Preco is one of the largest broadcast suppliers in the UK and, as such, deals with most professional broadcast organisations at some level.

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