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Magic TH6 Telephone hybrid

Brand: AVT

MAGIC TH6 is a Talkshow System for six channels. It is available as a POTS version or as a VoIP version with integrated HD Voice functionality for best speech quality.

With its two analogue and four digital Audio inputs and outputs MAGIC TH6 can be used in three operating modes:

  • In the One Fader mode, all callers switched to ON AIR are mixed together and are available as one Audio signal at the selected output. The Mix Minus signal is generated automatically for each caller.
  • In the Two Faders mode, two ON AIR lines are available for each caller. In this way, you can decide if you want to switch callers on separate Audio outputs or if you want to switch them in conference on the same ON AIR line.
  • The last operating mode is the Six Faders mode which means each caller is switched to a separate Audio output and the mixing can be done at the console if required.

A special highlight of the MAGIC TH6 is the possibility to split or share the caller lines between two studios in the One Fader and Two Faders mode. In each studio the dedicated caller lines are displayed and each studio has its own ON AIR and Pretalk lines.


  • Digital echo canceller, automatic volume control (AGC) and expander for each channel
  • Convenient PC software for control with screening function
  • HOLD signal: external, recorded or ON AIR signal
  • Support of Ember+ protocol and DHD SetLogic IDs
  • GPIO contacts
  • Voice Disguise: Alienation of the caller's voice
  • Call forwarding
  • Up to six PC operator stations and two studios

Windows PC Software

The delivery already includes a Windows PC software license, which can be used, for example, to store screening information on callers in a database (MS ACCESS or optionally MS SQL), which is immediately available when the phone number is transferred. With an additional MAGIC TH6 software license, additional PC workstations can be set up, e.g. to create a screener operating station or to implement a two-studio solution. A total of up to six PC operator stations can access the system.

Pretalk Streaming

MAGIC TH6 also supports the Pretalk Streaming function. With this Upgrade the LAN connection between the control PC and the hybrid can be used for Pretalk which means no Audio cabling is required. The conversation with the caller is done via the PC sound card or a USB Headset. Besides, Pretalk Streaming allows you to record the caller and presenter signals as WAV file.

Up to six Pretalk Streaming licences can be used, either as static or as dynamic Pretalk Streaming. With the Dynamic Pretalk Streaming, licences can be flexibly allocated and do not have to be assigned fixed to a PC workplace.

VoIP & HD Voice

While Voice over IP and HD Voice are already included in the delivery of MAGIC TH6 VoIP HD, MAGIC TH6 POTS can also be expanded by VoIP. MAGIC TH6 POTS allows up to six calls via the integrated LAN interface after this software upgrade.

If HD Voice is also enabled, calls from HD Voice compatible phones in 7 kHz quality (G.722) can be received in Voice-over-IP (VoIP option required). Outgoing calls to HD-Voice compatible phones are of course also transmitted in 7 kHz quality.

AES67 Upgrade

The AES67 upgrade allows the use of eight additional audio channels over IP via AES67. AES67 is the lowest common denominator of several similar technologies and ensures communication between e.g. AES67 compatible Dante and Ravenna devices.

DTMF Analyzer Plug-In

A very handy tool for game shows or sport events is the DTMF Analyser Upgrade. It provides three modes: standard, game show and event.

In the standard mode simply the numbers are displayed which have been pressed on the callers‘ telephones.

The game show mode additionally analyses who was first and highlights this caller.

In the event mode, the DTMF Analyser can be used for e.g. sports live reporting. We imagine that several reporters are located in different stadiums and all are connected to the MAGIC TH6 via telephone. Only one of them is ON AIR, the other ones are in HOLD. If something interesting happens in a stadium, the reporter in HOLD status wants to signal this event to the Presenter in the studio. For this reason, DTMF event labels can be defined in the software configuration, e.g. the telephone key “0“ is allocated to the word “goal“ and “1“ is allocated to “red card“ etc. If one of the reporters in the stadiums now presses “0“, the information “goal“ appears in green letters on the Presenter‘s screen and he can immediately switch the reporter of the relevant game to ON AIR.

Intercom Upgrade

With the Intercom Upgrade, up to 20 MAGIC TH2plus systems can be displayed and operated in one user interface. The functions PRETALK, HOLD and Screening are not available in this software.