Excellence in Broadcast

Census Digital NLX-26

The NLX-26 is a 1x4 audio wordclock distribution amplifier designed for broadcast use. The NLX-26 has one input and four outputs on 75 Ohm BNC connectors. Additionally the NLX-26 can accept one 75 Ohm AES/EBU signal which can be used to extract and generate a wordclock signal from the AES/EBU input.

The NLX-26 supports 48kHz sampling rates. All four wordclock outputs are 5V p-p.

A dual colour LED indicator will illuminate green indicating the NLX-26 is locked to a valid wordclock or AES/EBU signal at the input or it will be illuminated red indicating that the NLX-26 is not locked to a valid wordclock or AES/EBU signal.

The NLX-26 has a rugged solid steel powder coated chassis and is powered by an external AC adapter with a locking DC connector supplied with the module.