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Orban Optimod XPN-Enterprise

Brand: Orban
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Audio Processing Tailored to Your Needs

Radio and internet broadcasters worldwide are realizing the benefits of moving operations to centralized – and ideally, virtualized – environments. Many of these customers have high-density needs, with many signals that need to be managed. Orban’s new OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ easily meets those needs.

OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ is an easy-to-use, Linux-based, customizable processing platform for multiple broadcast stations or streaming services with centralized control. It provides Orban’s propriety OptiCloud™ processing for up to 8 FM and 8 HD/DAB+ radio channels plus 8 Internet stream processing channels for a total of 24 output channels all in a 1 RU package, using an enterprise-class softGear™ server and the appropriate OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ Nodes.

Content to be OPTICLOUD™ processed is brought to one location, utilizing any of the most common methods of audio transport – AES3, AES-67, SMPTE 2110-30, Dante or Livewire+, and creates the necessary outputs (analogue, AES3, FM Composite, DMPX and Orban uMPX™) using the appropriate Orban XPN-Enterprise Nodes for distribution to each transmitter site. With this system, we offer a maximum of flexibility to our customers as the setup can be adapted to your individual needs and even changed or extended easily if required.

The OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ server supports AES67, SMPTE2110/2027 – dual redundant networks, Dante and Livewire+ and allows you to set up a state-of-the-art AoIP audio processing system. Content for each input is individually processed. OPTICLOUD™ factory presets give users a quick start for each format, and its exclusive “Less-More” controls greatly simplify dialing in your stations’ sound by combining multiple audio processing parameters with a handful of controls. Kantar or Nielsen watermarking for each broadcast output is provided using the appropriate XPN-Enterprise Node.

Customizable and flexible setup

OPTIMOD XPN-Enterprise™ consists of a Linux-based commercial-off-the-shelf Dell server using a 1RU enterprise-class softGear™ platform with dual redundant AoIP supporting AES67, SMPTE2110/2027, Dante and Livewire+ network protocols.

Additionally, the following XPN-Enterprise nodes are available to extend the system and provide virtually unlimited flexibility for your radio broadcast ecosystem.

  • FM/HD Node: 1RU with dual redundant AoIP input with FM and HD/DAB 8700-style processing outputs as follows: 1 digital MPX, 1 FM composite (analogue MPX), 1 Orban uMPX, 1 AES3, and 1 analogue audio output; the node also provides RDS encoding and dual FM/HD Watermarking Encoders (Kantar or Nielsen)
  • FM Node: 1RU with dual redundant AoIP input with FM processing outputs as follows: 1 FM composite (analogue MPX), 1 Orban uMPX and 1 AES3 audio output; the node also provides RDS encoding and an FM Watermarking Encoder (Kantar or Nielsen)
  • AES3 Node: 1/3 RU with 8 AES3 inputs and 8 AES3 outputs, dual redundant AoIP networks and PoE
  • Streaming Node: 1/3 RU with 4 Streaming outputs (AAC, FLAC or Opus) each with a dedicated Watermarking Encoder (Kantar or Nielsen)
  • Kantar Node: 1/3 RU with 4 Kantar Watermarking Encoders for use with direct AES67, SMPTE2110/2027, Dante and Livewire+ AoIP or XPN-E AES3 Node outputs
  • Nielsen Node: 1/3 RU with 4 Kantar Watermarking Encoders for use with direct AES67, SMPTE2110/2027, Dante and Livewire+ AoIP or XPN-E AES3 Node outputs

Suitable for All Broadcast Formats
XPN-Enterprise’s OPTICLOUD™ processing precisely matches the input requirements for Analogue FM, DAB+, DRM+ and HD Radio™ transmitters, ensuring proper signal coverage along with delivering the desired sound; the XPN-Enterprise server creates a perfect feed for internet streaming, no matter what encoder is used.

Audio Processing at its Best
Orban’s OPTICLOUD™ processing provides automatic level control of audio sources, sophisticated multi-band dynamic equalization with both subharmonic and harmonic synthesis, phase-skew correction, and a highly effective oversampled true-peak limiter that prevents distortion and optimizes codec performance without clipping or primitive pumping.

PreCode™ Technology
Orban’s exclusive PreCode™ technology manipulates several aspects of the audio to minimize artifacts caused by low bitrate codecs, ensuring consistent loudness and texture from one source to the next. PreCode includes special audio band detection algorithms that are energy and spectrum aware. This can improve codec performance on some codecs by reducing audio processing induced codec artifacts

Factory Presets
As all OPTIMODs, the XPN-Enterprise also comes with a variety of factory presets; Orban’s exclusive “Less-More” controls greatly simplify creating your own signature sound. Virtually unlimited user presets storage is provided on-board.

Central Configuration and Control
The XPN-Enterprise Dashboard App can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating systems and can be used to configure the complete system – XPN-Enterprise server as well as all of the XPN-E nodes.