Ward Beck AMS16-2AM 16 Channel Audio Monitor

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The AMS16-2AM is a 2 RU embedded audio monitor. Two inputs for HD or SD-SDI video with embedded audio are provided. Once a source selection is made, two reclocked copies of the selected source is also provided on the rear panel. The integral demuxer will extract all four groups of embedded audio (16 channels) and display these simultaneously on the sixteen LED bar-graph displays located on the front panel. An LED phase indicator is provided. Copies of the displayed signals are provided as AES pairs on BNC connectors (75 Ohm, unbalanced) on the rear panel. Four internal D to A converters can selectively be set to convert any four AES signal pairs to analogue stereo signals. The analogue stereo signals are provided on a rear panel mounted DB25 connector. Pushbutton switches located below each meter pair are used to route that pair to the internal speakers. The ability to SOLO listen to each channel is inherent in the unit. Using the rotary shaft encoder, front panel push buttons and the dot matrix readout, it is possible to build up a mix of multiple channels to be fed to the speakers. Two AES copies (75 Ohm, unbalanced) of the signal being routed to the speakers are also provided on the rear panel. A front panel mounted headset jack offers convenient monitoring of the signal in noisy environments. The internal speakers are normalled through the headset jack and will mute when the jack is inserted. The AMS16-2AM may be custom configured to fit a particular operating style or environment.

  • HD or SD-SDI embedded audio monitor
  • Two inputs provided
  • Front panel input source selection switches
  • Provides two reclocked outputs on the rear panel of selected input
  • Integral demuxer extracts all four groups (16 channels) of embedded audio simultaneous
  • Displays the audio signals on sixteen bargraph meters
  • Phase indicator
  • Provides discrete AES audio outputs of the displayed signals on the rear panel
  • Signals can be routed to speakers in stereo pairs
  • Channels can be monitored SOLO
  • Headset jack located on the front panel
  • Speakers normalled through headset jack
  • Can be customized to suit operating style or environment

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